PST Splitter Software

PST Splitter Software

Remarkable Utility to Split Outlook (2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003) PST file for Windows

  • Split Outlook PST file items based on Date, Year, Size and Folder
  • Divide Outlook PST contacts, emails, calendar, tasks etc. accurately
  • No size limitation on Outlook PST file uploaded to PST splitter software
  • Microsoft Outlook installation is not required to split large PST file
  • Split PST software supports all latest Windows 10 and earlier versions
  • Single panel utility, No need to navigate it on other screen
  • PST splitter tool reduce PST file size and increase Outlook performance

Split Large PST File by PST Splitter Software

Split PST software is designed for the everyday user to truncate an oversized Outlook personal data file (.pst). It divides each file in equal sizes without changing any item stored within. There is a 100% accuracy for guaranteed efficiency for splitting up large PST file. It provides multiple option to break PST file and simple functionality that can be implemented with just a few clicks.   Read More

You can successfully split oversized PST with data safety as the Split PST file Software solution is designed with high-end technology centric techniques that help the users to split Outlook PST file by year, size, folder and date within a specific short time period with safety of data. The software easily break large PST files into smaller parts or files in bulk.

Distinguished Features of Split PST Software

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4 Split PST option

Split Outlook PST File in 4 Ways

There are multiple options available to split PST file using the PST file splitter application:

  • Divide PST file By Year
  • Divide PST file By date
  • Divide PST file By Folder
  • Divide PST file By Size
Split Huge PST file

Split Oversized PST File Issue

PST splitter software built to create smaller, more-manageable Outlook data files (.pst) out of a larger one. It can recover the Microsoft Outlook client from any problems caused due to this. It tackles issues like slow performance, restriction in accessing certain folders, inability to save a new email or receive them.

Select Outlook Types

Select Different Outlook Types

Split PST software allows users to choose from a list of Outlook versions. It helps the tool to recognize the format of the .pst file. It creates multiple smaller copies of PST files all of the same size. Data stored within is not changed or affected in any manner. The PST file divider can work with both ANSI and UNICODE-type of files.

Split Outlook PST by Year

PST Split By Year

The "Split by year" option is helpful when you have huge collection of Outlook emails data and thus want to split PST files on yearly basis. This option will split those PST files which are created after defined rate.

Split Outlook PST by Folder

PST Split By Folder

Split by folder option is meant for those users who have multiple PST files & folders. This option will split Outlook PST files folder wise, which are defined within the software wizard.

Split Outlook PST by Date

PST Split By Date

Under this option the tool to split Outlook PST files will split large sized PST files by date. Users can mentioned the date by which they want PST file gets splitted. This will be helpful to manage unnecessary old year's Outlook data.

Split Outlook PST by Size

PST Split By Size

This option allow users to split large PST files by size. For example users can split PST files in four parts each of 14 MB out of 2GB file. This would be helpful to those users who have ANSI PST files of 2 GB.

Save PST to NSF
Works with Archive.pst File

PST splitter software takes a .pst file of any size including the one that has been created for the archive. It helps remove the 2GB PST limit issue in older versions of the email client. The software requires necessary Outlook installation of any version. It can work with both Windows 32 and 64-bit machines

Genrate CSV Report
Creates Complete Export Report

Split PST file software provides relevant, honest and reliable results. This can be checked by the log created at the end of the splitting procedure. This file is saved in the same folder as the output PST files. The report contains a list of all folder names with corresponding items moved to each .pst file.

PST splitter software provides 2 version to Split large PST file
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Free Version: Split PST software free version can be used to divide up to 50 items in a .pst file. Through this freeware, one can preview uploaded files, select Outlook version and choose a splitting PST option all for free. It can work on all available Windows versions.

Full Version: PST splitter full version requires a licence to activate all the functionality to split unlimited PST files. It can be purchased at a minimal cost from the company website. One can go for bundle licence to get repair any PST file corruption.

Free Download
100% Secure
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Split Large PST Outlook PST File Step by Step
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Select Split PST option

Step 1 : Download and Launch Split PST Software.

Select Split PST option

Step 2 : Select Options to Split Outlook PST File.

Select Destination

Step 3 : Click on Browse to Select Destination Location.

Click on Split Option

Step 4 : Click on Split option to Divide PST File.

How to Split Outlook PST File
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Frequently Asked Question
How Does the Outlook PST Splitter Works?

See step by step procedure to Split Outlook PST file:

  • First, download and install the software and click on ‘Split’ icon from the navigation bar.
  • Then, select an appropriate Outlook format and choose the option for splitting PST file.
  • Next, click on the ‘Next’ button. Then, upload the .pst file and set a destination location for output.
  • Finally, select a splitting option and click on the ‘Next’ button. Then, select ‘Split’ from the final screen.
Where can I find the correct version of Outlook installed on my machine?
First, launch the email client and go to File >> Help. This will help one know which version(32 or 64-bit) application is installed on the machine.
What are the prerequisites for using the Outlook PST Splitter?
It is necessary to have Outlook installed on the system and configured with a dummy account (Not Exchange).
Why is there an error saying “Outlook is not set as the default email client”?
The Microsoft desktop email client must be set as default. It can be adjusted by searching for “default programs” in the start menu. Change the setting to reflect Outlook as a default email application.
Does the Split PST software supports Windows 8 platform?
Yes, the software supports Windows 8 as well as 10 Operating System.
Does the software impose any file size limitation to split big PST file?
No, the utility can split PST file of any size. The software does not impose such limitations.
How much time does the tool take to split 50 GB PST file?
The software takes very less time to split large PST file as the time totally depends upon the size of the Outlook PST file.
Will PST file splitter divide Outlook Archive data properly?
Yes, the split Outlook PST tool is capable to break Outlook archive data & it also split archive.pst file by Size, by Date, by Year & by Folder.
I am using Outlook 2010. Does the tool supports this version to split my heavy size PST file?
Yes, the tool supports MS Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 & 2016 versions to split PST file without any issue.
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