Split PST Software Program

Advantageous features to make the PST File Splitter best

  • Split large and bulky PST files by Date, Year, Folder and Size in bulk.
  • Simple GUI (Grafical User Interface ), No extra technical skill is required to use the software.
  • Single panel utility, No need to navigate it on other screen.
  • Creates NEW PST for each splitted folder.
  • Split PST Software helps to reduce Outlook size and increase Outlook performance.

PST File Splitter Tool

PST Splitter Software

PST File Splitter: Advanced Splitting options for Ease Manageability of Large PST


PST Split By Date

Under this option the tool to split Outlook PST files will split large sized PST files by date. Users can mentioned the date by which they want PST file gets splitted. This will be helpful you to manage unnecessary old year's Outlook data.


PST Split By Size

This option allow users to split huge PST files by size. For example users can split PST files in four parts each of 14 MB out of 2GB file. This would be helpful to those users who have ANSI PST files of 2 GB.


PST Split By Year

The "Split by year" option is helpful when you have huge collection of Outlook emails data and thus want to split PST files on yearly basis. This option will split those PST files which are created after defined rate.


PST Split By Folder

Split by folder option is meant for those users who have multiple PST files folders. This option will split PST files folder wise, which are defined within the software wizard.

Split Outlook PST With The Master Of All Tools

You can successfully split single PST with data safety and speed of PST file fragmentation as the Split PST Software solution is designed with high-end technology centric techniques that help the users to divide PST files within a specific short time period with safety of data also ensured.The software easily break large PST files into smaller parts or files in bulk.

Main Features of PST File Splitter

The Split PST Software software has been fitted with some of the most unique, highly technological algorithms and technicalities that ameliorate the procedure to divide Outlook PST as compared to any other such software application.

Check the Tool before You Buy It

The PST Splitter software comes with a downloadable version i.e. a freeware version that can be downloaded from the web without paying any charges in order to try out the tool functionality and reliability. The advantage with the trial run is that you can fragment first 50 PST data files into several smaller parts in order to know the tool.

Free Download
100% Secure

Note: By purchasing any of the licenses in which the software is made available to the users; you can perform the splitting of the entire PST data files present in your Outlook account without putting in much effort as the Split Outlook PST to freeware PST Splitter easily supports unlimited file division without any limitation.You can purchase full version of split PST at $49 for personal key and $129 for bussiness key.

System Requirements

  • Windows OS: Windows 8 and all below versions supported
  • Processor: 1 GHz processor required
  • File Size: 5.00 MB
  • Version: 4.1

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"The large size of PST files always create lots of issues, I recognized it when I faced same problem, few days back my Outlook account was not receiving and sending emails, I found that there is some problem because of which that all is happening, I used PST File Splitter for reducing the size of PST files and started work again, it works amazingly. –Caecilia from Germany

"I am an entrepreneur and fond of Outlook with which I am running entire business but, when Outlook goes down the communication also get stopped, I faced the issue and used Split PST Software after trying it with demo version, it just exceeded my expectations, thanks a lot."
Gaspard, an entrepreneur

"Annoying situations can come across anytime so I always create backup of my Outlook files but, when the issue generates because of huge data gathering in PST files then, it can only resolved by your Split Outlook PST tool. I am saying so because I used it for dividing some oversized PST files stored in my Outlook mailboxes and the tool performed vigilantly." –Agapito from Italy