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Eminent Features Possessed By The Split PST Software

Divide PST File

Break Oversized PST

The split PST tool provides the facility for users to divide large sized PST files into a number of smaller PST files. You can also divide Outlook's ANSI and UNICODE PST files without having any concern over losing any of the data. Moreover, the software keeps the original structure of every item unchanged.

4 Options to split PST File

Provides Splitting Options

You can divide the PST file into a number of smaller PST's in four possible ways.

  • Split PST files by size
  • Split PST files by date
  • Split PST files By Year
  • Split PST files by Folder

Split PST File by Size

Split PST files by Size

With this option, you can easily break an over-sized Outlook PST file into number of smaller PST files on the basis of a common PST size. You are required to mention the PST file size range from 5 MB to 10 GB and the application will split the PST data into a number of parts according to the given size.

Split PST by folder

Split PST files by Folder

You can create smaller PST files for every folder splitted according to size. It will create separate PST file for each Outlook folder i.e. inbox, sent items, deleted items etc. You need to specify the size of each PST in the interface and utility will generate PST all of same size based on folders of Outlook.

Split PST by date

Split PST Files by Date

You can split a PST file on the basis of date. In this case, when you mention a specific date the software will split Outlook PST file by date in two sections. One section of PST file will contain the data 'of and before' to the particular date while other section will contain data 'after' the mentioned date.

Split PST File by year

Split PST Files By Year

If you want to break down the data in your PST file according to year then split by year option will be convenient for you. The split PST software allows you to compose a separate PST file on the basis of each year. Suppose if you select the year from 2010 to 2015 then you will get 5 PST files separately. Also, one can split PST by current year & upcoming year.

support with all Outlook versions

Compatible with all Outlook versions

While you are selecting a particular splitting option, you have to also select the version of Outlook which you are using. The application is compatible with Outlook 2000,2002,2003,2007,2010-file formats. Therefore, when the Outlook version is stated ,the PST splitter will auto-detect PST file format.

Oversized PST File Corruption Issue

Large-size PST file corruption

The utility is not compatible for splitting PST files which are already corrupted due to large size issues. You have the option to split a PST file of size near about 2 GB in case of ANSI PST file. However, once the PST file has got corrupted, you cannot split it. Here, you have to recover the PST file first.


Summary Report for Comparing PST

Once splitting of PST into smaller files gets complete, application generates a report which can be saved as CSV file. This CSV file consists of details for the path of folder, no. of items in source PST files of each folder, name of folder, sum, and difference of items before and after splitting of PST file.

save file in folder

Option To Save File In New Folder

The software provides you the option to save newly created PST files after splitting in your own desired location on the system. Moreover, you can create a new folder directly from the application interface and save file in it. In addition, the CSV file will also get saved in the same location selected by you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I split a corrupted PST file?
yes you can split a corrupted PST files but you need to recover the corrupted PST file first.
What is the time taken by the utility to split a 15GB file?
The software comparatively takes a less time to split the files. However, it completely depends on the amount of data present in the PST file.
Can we compare the Outlook files before and after the splitting process?
yes, the software provides the facility for comparing PST files by generating a CSV report after the spitting process.
Can I split multiple PST files simultaneously?
No, you can split only one Outlook PST at a time with the help of split PST software.


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